Bronx Brothers

Helping Children in Need.

About us

Two brothers and their sister created Bronx Brothers, a nonprofit giving scholarships to improve access to higher education. 

Siblings Izzy, David, and Mari realized the dire need to expand and transform access to higher education in underserved communities. 

The trio, who had experienced poverty and hardship at an early age, joined forces to create Bronx Brothers, a nonprofit providing scholarship opportunities for young inner-city generational leaders.

Bronx Children
Young Bronx Siblings Izzy, David, and Mari
Young Mari
Mari, Approx. 7 Years Old

Raised in the Bronx

Raised in South Bronx, NY, the Puerto Rican brothers and sister grew up in a low-income apartment and were faced with many hardships and life challenges. What began as a promise to protect each other to survive turned into a dedicated mission to help struggling families and children for a brighter future in education.

Izzy, Approx. 10 Years Old

Different Directions

While one brother gave up his gang and weapons life, the other brother continued to stay in the gang with no way out. He faced the consequences of drugs, violence, and near death. Although the siblings were pushed in different directions, they remained united and committed to changing the course of their lives.

Young David
David, Approx. 9 Years Old

Put Down the Weapons

Both brothers agreed that the best way to move forward is to put down the weapons, quit the gang, stop the drugs, and focus on books and education. Today, it has become a priority to help inner-city children with higher education and placement into promising careers.


“The Bronx Brothers believe that exchanging weapons and gang colors for books and education is a positive step forward.  We hope these scholarships can give children a chance to swap a dangerous lifestyle, for a life of positivity like we we able to, with the opportunities we were given.

The secondary goal of the scholarship recipients is that they help other children to improve their lives and lend a helping hand in all communities throughout the country.” 

– The Bronx Brothers.

Bronx Brother David, Approx. 13 Years Old

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Bronx Brothers scholarship categories include six categories: Children in Need, Music Based, International, Puerto Rican Heritage, Caribbean Heritage, and Psychological Needs.

Students who use the funds wisely can qualify to receive an additional $1,000 scholarship as a bonus to stay engaged and focused on achieving academic success.