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Scholarships Are Now Available!

There are several Bronx Brothers scholarships available in various categories.

Five to ten scholarships will be chosen and awarded to children in each category of charity including: Children in Need, Music Based, Kids in All Countries, Puerto Rican Heritage, Caribbean Heritage, and Psychological Needs.

The first scholarship available is for Children in Need.

To apply, follow the criteria at the bottom of this page and fill out the the corresponding form.

Thank you.


Our Goodwill Ambassador

Fifteen-year-old Alexis Silva, a second-degree black belt and a aspiring singer/songwriter in the pop music scene, harbors a strong vision for community service and an unwavering passion for music. In 2023, she confronted an adrenal gland tumor that altered her life’s trajectory.

Recognized by Bronx Brothers, Alexis has been appointed as Goodwill Ambassador. Driven by her musical abilities, she aims to raise both awareness and funds for children affected by cancer and related conditions.

Furthermore, as a Goodwill Ambassador, she has partnered with multiple charitable organizations to extend scholarships and grants to aspiring young individuals striving for self-improvement. For more information on Alexis and her causes, please visit or her Instagram

Criteria to Apply For Scholarships

Scholarship #1:

Children in Need Application Criteria

Criteria I:
A. Participants will provide a video between 1-3 minutes* (Please be sure it is under 100MB to upload. If it is above 100MB we recommend posting it to YouTube or another service and sending us a link).

  1. Tell us why you need the funds.
  2. Tell us how the scholarship would benefit you.
  3. Tell us how your schooling and education will help others in society and the community (e.g., one person at a time, through social programs, by being a mentor, helping those who are less fortunate, lending a hand to those in need, being a role model, etc.).

B.  Applicant must like and follow a Bronx Brothers post in order to be accepted.

Criteria II:

  1. Participants under the age of 18 must have parental consent and parent’s permission to be placed on Instagram if they receive the scholarship.
  2. Participants must be between 7-29 years old.

Applicants are highly recommended to post the video on their Instagram (though not required) and tag the Bronx Brothers account to increase visibility of the scholarship program and their chances of being selected.

*By submitting a video, you are giving us permission to post that

video in the event that you are the recipient of the scholarship.

Please visit our ambassador Alexis Silva’s websites, and to know more about her & add her on Instagram @alexis.e.silva. Thank you.

Application Form

Type your Instagram URL here
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 10 files.
File size total must be under 100MB. If you have a large video, you can send us a link to your post, YouTube, or other video source in the comments below.